About Us

About Wetlands US

Wetlands US is an online platform dedicated to raising awareness about the vital benefits of wetlands and advocating for their conservation. With the tagline “Earth’s Lungs, Nature’s Sanctuary,” we aim to promote the understanding and protection of these essential ecosystems.

Our Founder

Morgan L. Hayes, a passionate wetland ecologist, is the driving force behind Wetlands US. With over 15 years of experience studying and advocating for America’s wetlands, Morgan’s deep connection to these unique environments stems from their upbringing in the bayous of Louisiana.

As a child, surrounded by the richness of biodiversity in their own backyard, Morgan’s love for wetlands took root. This early inspiration propelled their career as a wetland ecologist, dedicating their life to preserving and promoting the importance of these precious ecosystems.

Our Vision

Wetlands US is the realization of Morgan’s dream to create a platform that educates and informs people about the indispensable benefits of wetlands. Through our website and various outreach endeavors, we strive to inspire action and mobilize individuals, communities, and policymakers towards wetland conservation.

Our Mission

At Wetlands US, we are committed to not only highlighting the significance of wetlands as Earth’s Lungs but also as Nature’s Sanctuary. We believe that wetlands play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and providing essential ecosystem services. Through our research, advocacy, and collaborative efforts, we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability and protection of wetland environments.

Our Initiatives

Wetlands US works tirelessly to engage the public in various ways, offering educational resources, awareness campaigns, and collaborative projects. By creating a space where individuals can learn and contribute, we strive to empower everyone to become stewards of wetland ecosystems.

Our Founder’s Passion

When Morgan is not knee-deep in marshes, their love for wetlands extends to other activities. They enjoy bird watching, kayaking, and capturing the wonders of wetlands through photography and writing. Through their personal experiences, Morgan further emphasizes the beauty and significance of wetlands, sharing their passion with others.

At Wetlands US, we invite you to join us in celebrating and protecting these remarkable ecosystems. With your support, we can ensure a sustainable future for wetlands and continue to preserve Earth’s Lungs and Nature’s Sanctuary.

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