Thank you for visiting Florida Wetlands at nwfwmdwetlands.com. This website is dedicated to educating visitors about the intricate relationships, diverse wildlife, and the sheer wonder that thrives within our wetlands. Our tagline “Where Nature’s Heartbeat Echoes” reflects our passion for preserving and appreciating the delicate balance of wetland ecosystems.


Florida Wetlands aims to provide a wealth of knowledge through various means such as blog posts, workshops, and community events. Our goal is to educate individuals about the importance of wetlands and their role in sustaining the natural world.

Founder’s Background

Scott, the founder of Florida Wetlands, has had a deep connection with Florida’s wetlands since childhood. Growing up on the fringes of a magnificent marsh in Northwest Florida, their formative years were spent immersed in the water, striving to understand the intricate web of life surrounding them. This early experience instilled in them a profound respect for the delicate balance within wetland ecosystems.

Conservation Photography

In addition to their passion for wetland conservation, Scott is an avid photographer. They capture the ephemeral moments of magic that occur within the wetlands, aiming to share the beauty and importance of these habitats through visual storytelling.

Vision and Mission

Florida Wetlands has a simple yet profound vision: to ensure that future generations can witness the dance of herons at dawn and hear the whispering tales of the marsh at dusk. We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of wetlands, working towards a world where these vital ecosystems are valued and conserved.

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