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  • Wetlands Water Purification In California

    Discover the crucial services provided by wetlands in California: water storage, pollution control, groundwater recharge, nutrient cycling, shoreline protection, biodiversity maintenance, and more. Learn about the importance of wetlands in improving water quality and promoting recreation and education.

  • Wetland Birds In California

    Discover the incredible diversity of wetland birds in California and learn about the importance of these unique habitats. Explore the services wetlands provide, from regulating climate to supporting wildlife. Uncover the wonders of wetland ecosystems in California!

  • Wetland Plants In California

    Discover the diverse world of wetland plants in California and their significance in supporting biodiversity and ecological functions. Explore the importance of wetlands in regulating climate, storing water, controlling pollution, and maintaining natural communities. Learn about common, endangered, and invasive wetland plants in the state. Protect and conserve these essential ecosystems for their valuable ecosystem…