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Geese in Georgia

Everything You Need to Know About Geese in Georgia: From Identification to Behavior

Are you looking for a guide to geese in Georgia? Look no further! This article covers everything from their habits to where you can find them.

North American Geese

North American Geese: Guide to the Species of Goose in US

There’s something special about watching a flock of geese fly overhead. These beautiful birds are a common sight in North America, and many people enjoy observing them during their migration seasons. If you’re interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures, keep reading! In this guide, we will provide a guide to the geese species…

Parakeet Habitats: Where Do Parakeets Live in the Wild?

Parakeet Habitats: Where Do Parakeets Live in the Wild?

The Parakeet is a native Australian bird that thrives in the outback, desert grasslands and scrubs. The climate in Australia is perfect for these birds as it is hot and dry for most of the year. The parakeet population has exploded in recent years in the US due to escaped pet parakeets, and they can now…

Do parakeets with their eyes open

Do Parakeets Sleep with Their Eyes Open? The Surprising Answer

Can parakeets sleep with their eyes open? Find out the facts and what to do if this happens.

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Why Are Hawks Afraid of Owls

Why Are Hawks Afraid of Owls?

Ever wondered why hawks are afraid of owls? This article explores the possible reasons behind this mutual fear.

Do Geese Make Good Pets

Do Geese Make Good Pets?

Find out why some goose breeds make good pets.

Why Do Crows Attack Hawks

Why Do Crows Attack Hawks?

A look at the reasons why crows mob hawks, and how it can affect the raptor’s hunting habits.

Can Geese Carry Their Babies

Can Geese Carry Their Babies?

Parental carrying is a common behavior among waterfowl species – including geese! Find out more about this interesting behavior.

Can Geese Eat Bananas

Can Geese Eat Bananas?

Geese can eat bananas, but they should be given in moderation. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of these fruits here.

Can Geese Carry Rabies

Goose Droppings: Can Geese Carry Rabies?

Geese droppings can cause a lot of problems, but the biggest concern is whether or not they can carry rabies. Find out the answer here.