Website: Birds of Prey – Raptors Revealed

BirdsofPrey.org.uk (the “Website”) is a platform dedicated to providing information and resources about birds of prey, also known as raptors. The Website aims to educate, inspire, and connect individuals with these majestic birds.

Purpose and Mission

The mission of BirdsofPrey.org.uk is to serve as the leading online resource for all things related to raptors. The Website provides detailed species profiles, intriguing trivia, insights into their habitats, conservation status, and the importance of their role within our ecosystem.

Note from Jim

Jim, the creator of the Website and a passionate raptor enthusiast, welcomes visitors to Birds of Prey. Jim’s inspiration comes from his lifelong fascination with the flight, eyesight, and hunting techniques of birds of prey. Having traveled across various parts of the world to observe these incredible creatures, Jim has compiled his experiences and deep love for raptors to present on this platform.

Thank You

BirdsofPrey.org.uk sincerely appreciates your presence and hopes to become your primary source of information and exploration regarding these awe-inspiring birds.

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