Do Geese Eat Snakes? The Answer Might Surprise You



Do Geese Eat Snakes

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Geese are fascinating animals. They are known for their impressive flying abilities and loud honking, but do you know what they eat?

Believe it or not, geese will eat snakes!

We investigate other foods that geese enjoy eating. Read on if you’re curious about what these fascinating birds ate for breakfast!

Geese eat insects, frogs, grass and other plants but will eat smaller snakes, lizards and other reptiles when given the chance.

Despite their size, small snakes are great sources of protein and other nutrients for geese.

Snakes will not actively hunt for geese but will eat their eggs and younglings.

What Kind of Snakes Do Geese Eat?

What Kind of Snakes Do Geese Eat?

Geese have keen vision and a voracious appetite, making them one of the most effective natural pest control for keeping snakes away from your backyard or garden.

In particular, geese repel snakes such as the common garter snakes which have slender bodies, long tails, and small, nonvenomous reptiles.

During the warmer months of the year, these snakes are typically active and feed on earthworms and other small prey. Occasionally, garter snakes will hide underground in burrows or haystacks until it is safe for them to return to the surface.

Geese feed on these small snakes and contribute to controlling the garden snake population.

Do Geese Protect Against Snakes?

Many people can attest that geese have aggressive and testy demeanors. These waterfowl attack anyone they consider a threat to them and their flock.

Their protective nature makes them the best deterrent for snakes. Not only will geese protect their flock, but they will also defend other farm animals against predatory attacks.

Geese don’t actively hunt snakes, but they will not hesitate to attack and kill these predators on sight.

Do Snakes Eat Geese?

Snakes are infamous for consuming their prey without first breaking them down. Theoretically, larger snakes such as the Burmese python could devour an adult goose if it were small enough. However, given the geese’s size and strength, it would be challenging for a snake to consume them.

Instead, snakes are far more likely to target geese when they are young and more vulnerable. These predators have relatively acute senses and rely on sight and smell to hunt.

Consequently, they may be able to detect the presence of goslings through these cues, using their keen sense of smell to zero in on the location of the young birds.

Once a snake discovers vulnerable goslings, it may strike swiftly, nipping off a piece at a time until the young birds cannot defend themselves or flee.

Despite this possibility, it is likely that snakes prefer other food sources when hunting in areas where both geese and snakes are present. Therefore, it seems unlikely that snakes consume geese regularly or, in many cases, at all.

Do Snakes Eat Goose Eggs?

Do Snakes Eat Goose Eggs?

Snakes are adept at hunting and consuming a wide range of prey, from rodents to large mammals. However, some species also enjoy eating the eggs of most birds.

Eating eggs is often associated with a North American snake species called the Rat snake. Rat snakes primarily prey on small rodents such as rats and mice. However, poultry eggs of chickens, ducks and geese will be eaten by these predators.

FAQs on Birds Eating Snakes

What Domestic Birds Eat Snakes?

Several species of birds consume snakes as part of their natural diet. Among the birds that kill snakes are owls, snake eagles, turkeys, secretary birds, laughing falcons and red-tailed hawks.

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