How to Make a Bird Bath (simple DIY Steps)



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Are you a bird lover who wants to create a welcoming environment for feathered friends in your yard? One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by hanging bird bath in your garden.

Not only does a heated bird bath provide a source of fresh water for birds to drink and bathe in, but it also attracts a variety of bird species to your garden, adding color and movement to your outdoor space.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a store-bought bird bath to achieve this. With a little creativity and some basic materials, you can easily make a bird bath for your feathered visitors. In this post, we’ll show you how to make a DIY bird bath that is both functional and attractive.

Key Takeaways on DIY Bird Bath Idea

  • Make your own inexpensive bird bath for a cost-effective, eco-friendly and creative solution.
  • Utilize simple materials like plant pots, old serving bowl, water basin, glass beads, old table leg, terra cotta pots and lamps you can buy from a yard sale or dollar store to craft a variety of DIY bird baths.
  • Build a sense of accomplishment as you bring joy to birds in the area with your custom design.

Why you should do a bird bath DIY project?

There are several benefits to making your own bird bath instead of buying one:

  • Budget-friendly — DIY bird baths can be less expensive than buying one from a thrift store. You can use materials that you already have or purchase inexpensive items to create your bird bath.
  • Customizable — When you make your own bird bath, you have the freedom to design it to your liking. You can choose the size, shape, and style that best suits your backyard or garden.
  • Eco-friendly — By making your own bird baths, you can use eco-friendly materials such as recycled items, which helps reduce waste and the negative impact on the environment. If you have an old bird bath, you can actually use it as base for a new bird bath.
  • Creative outlet — DIY bird baths can be a fun and creative project. It allows you to express your artistic side and create a unique and beautiful bird bath out of an ordinary hanging planter that adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor space.
  • Sense of accomplishment — Doing easy bird bath projects gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You get to see the fruits of your labor and know that you created something that will bring joy to the birds in your area.

What are some of the best DIY bird bath ideas?

If you want to make a DIY birdbath, here are simple DIY bird bath ideas for you:

Tomato Cage Bird Bath

To make a tomato cage bird bath, you will need a tomato cage, a plastic plant saucer, wire cutters, pliers, and zip ties. First, remove any plastic or rubber from the tomato cage, bend the legs outwards and flip it over.

Attach the plastic saucer or glass serving bowl on top using zip ties. Add rocks for perching spots and fill the saucer with water. This will attract birds to your yard and provide them with a place to drink and bathe.

Mosaic Bird Bath

To make a mosaic bird bath, you will need a bird bath basin, glass tiles, construction adhesive, grout, and a trowel. Clean the basin and apply the glass tiles in the desired pattern with adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry, and apply the grout to fill the gaps between the tiles.

Wipe away excess grout and let it dry before filling the basin with water. This will provide a colorful and unique bird bath that can be enjoyed by both birds and humans alike.

Repurposed Lamp Bird Bath

Choose an old lamp base with a flat top wide enough to hold a terracotta saucer. If you don’t have one, you can definitely buy it from thrift stores. Clean it through and spray paint it if desired. Allow it to dry completely.

Once completely dry, apply epoxy glue to the top of the lamp base and carefully place the terracotta saucer on top. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Clean the saucer with bird bath cleaner and fill it with water. Apply a water-resistant sealant to the entire lamp bird bath to protect it from the elements.

Your lamp bird bath is now ready to use! Place it in your garden and enjoy watching birds come to drink and bathe in the water. You can also add some decorative stones or plants around the base to enhance its appearance.

Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

To start creating a concrete bird bath, choose a concrete form tube that can hold water. Mix concrete according to instructions and fill the large leaf, smoothing out the surface and making sure to create a depression for the water.

Allow the Portland cement or concrete to dry completely before gently removing the leaf, and then place the concrete leaf in a sunny spot in your garden to attract feathered friends.

Serving Bowl Bird Bath

Creating a repurposed serving bowl bird bath is an excellent way to give new life to an old household item. First, find an unused serving bowl that is large enough to accommodate birds of all sizes. Clean the bowl thoroughly and fill it with water to test for stability.

If the bowl is wobbly, place it on a flat surface and glue it to a heavy stone or ceramic base. You can make this a handprint bird bath if you want. Simply dip your hands in safe paint and press them on the bowl.

Finally, place the bowl in a sunny area of your garden, add water, and watch as your feathered friends come to take a refreshing dip.

Flower Pot Bird Bath

Choose a terra cotta pot that is deep enough to hold water and has a wide opening to allow birds to perch comfortably. Seal any drainage holes in the bottom of the pot with waterproof silicone, then add water to the pot.

For stability, place the pot on a level surface and add small stones to the bottom if necessary. Alternatively, you can use either a terra cotta saucer or terra cotta plate instead of flower pots.

Tree Stump Bird Bath

To make an easy DIY bird bath out of an old tree stump, you should choose a stump that is at least 2 feet tall with a flat surface at the top. Clean the stump and carve a shallow basin in the center of the top with a chisel and hammer.

Smooth the surface of the basin and drill drainage holes in the bottom. Apply waterproof sealant to the top and sides of the stump to protect it from water damage. Place a bird bath insert into the basin, fill it with water, and enjoy watching the birds visit for a refreshing bath.

Sink Bird Bath

To repurpose a kitchen sink as a bird bath, choose an old sink that is no longer in use, clean it and drill small drainage holes in the bottom. Create a base for the sink using stones, bricks, PVC pipe or an old plant stand, and place the sink on top, ensuring that it is level to your desired height.

Fill the sink with water, add decorative elements such as rocks or plants, and place the bird bath in a shaded area. Clean and refill the bird bath regularly to keep it inviting for the birds.

Chair Bird Bath

To make a salvaged chair bird bath, choose an old chair and remove its seat. Cut a circular or oval-shaped basin in the center of the seat, sand the edges, and paint the chair in a color of your choice. Place the chair in a shaded area, fill the basin with water, and add decorative elements to enhance the appearance.

DIY Bird Bath Fountain

To make a DIY bird bath fountain, drill a hole in the bottom of the container for the tubing to pass through, and thread the tubing through the hole, connecting it to the fountain pump. Then, place the pump at the bottom of the container and use waterproof sealant to seal any gaps between the tubing and the container.

Add decorative stones or pebbles to the container to support the pump and enhance the design, and fill it with water to the desired level, taking care not to submerge the pump.

Plug in the pump and adjust the water flow and leveling to achieve the desired effect. Lastly, remember to clean the container and replace the water regularly to keep it hygienic for the birds.

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