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Imagine exploring the beauty and diversity of wetlands in Iowa. With “Wetlands In Iowa,” you’ll gain access to a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information about all the mesmerizing wetlands scattered across the state. From enchanting wildlife to breathtaking landscapes, this product will give you a unique glimpse into the wonders of Iowa’s wetlands. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through these captivating ecosystems.

Wetlands in Iowa

NameLocationType of Wetland
Big Oaks National Wildlife RefugeMadisonFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Muscatatuck National Wildlife RefugeSeymourFreshwater Marsh, Ponds, Lakes
Patoka River National Wildlife RefugeOakland CityBottomland Hardwoods, Marsh
Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife AreaMedaryvilleFreshwater Marsh, Sandhill
Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife AreaLintonFreshwater Marsh
Kankakee SandsMoroccoWet Prairie, Savanna
Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife AreaWinslowBottomland Hardwoods, Lakes
Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife AreaMoroccoFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Fish Lake MarshFish LakeFreshwater Marsh
Universal MineClintonFreshwater Marsh
Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife AreaMt. VernonFloodplain Forest, Lakes
Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife AreaEvansvilleFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Kingsbury Fish and Wildlife AreaLa PorteFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Fairbanks Landing Fish and Wildlife AreaFairbanksFreshwater Marsh
Glendale Fish and Wildlife AreaMontgomeryFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Crosley Fish and Wildlife AreaNorth VernonFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Splinter Ridge Fish and Wildlife AreaMadisonFreshwater Marsh
Tri-County Fish and Wildlife AreaSyracuseFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Atterbury Fish and Wildlife AreaEdinburghFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Mississinewa LakePeruReservoir, Marsh
Salamonie LakeAndrewsReservoir, Marsh
Brookville LakeBrookvilleReservoir, Marsh
LaSalle Fish and Wildlife AreaLake VillageFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Chain O’Lakes State ParkAlbionFreshwater Lakes
Potato Creek State ParkNorth LibertyFreshwater Marsh, Lake

Geographical Distribution of Wetlands in Iowa

Wetlands in Iowa can be found across the state, distributed across different geographic regions. Each region has its own unique characteristics and wetland types, contributing to the overall diversity of the state’s wetland ecosystems.

Eastern Iowa

Eastern Iowa is characterized by rolling hills and numerous large rivers, such as the Mississippi and the Iowa River. This region has a mix of wetland types, including riverine wetlands, floodplain wetlands, and marshes.

Central Iowa

Central Iowa is home to a mix of wetland habitats, including shallow lakes, potholes, and marshes, as well as riverine and floodplain wetlands associated with the Des Moines River and its tributaries.

Southern Iowa

Southern Iowa features a variety of wetland types, including marshes, swamps, and riverine wetlands. The region’s diverse topography, including the Loess Hills and the Chariton River valley, contributes to the range of wetland habitats found here.

Western Iowa

Western Iowa is characterized by vast grasslands, rolling hills, and river valleys. Wetlands in this region primarily consist of prairie potholes, wet meadows, and riverine wetlands associated with the Missouri River and its tributaries.

Northwestern Iowa

Northwestern Iowa is known for its extensive prairie pothole region, consisting of numerous small, shallow wetlands that dot the landscape. These potholes provide essential breeding and nesting habitat for waterfowl species.

Northeastern Iowa

Northeastern Iowa is a region rich in wetland diversity, with a mix of wetland types found in the Driftless Area. This area has a variety of floodplain wetlands, marshes, and riverine wetlands associated with the Upper Mississippi River.

Southwestern Iowa

Southwestern Iowa is characterized by rolling hills, river valleys, and prairie remnants. This region has a mix of wetland habitats, including shallow lakes, floodplain wetlands, and marshes.

Southeastern Iowa

Southeastern Iowa features a mix of wetland types, including floodplain wetlands, marshes, and riverine wetlands associated with the Mississippi River and its tributaries. This region is known for its bird-rich wetlands, attracting birdwatchers from far and wide.

Notable Wetland Areas in Iowa

Iowa is home to several notable wetland areas that showcase the state’s natural beauty and provide important habitat for wildlife. These areas offer unique opportunities for recreation and environmental education.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Located in central Iowa, the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge encompasses over 5,600 acres of prairie and wetland habitats. The refuge features hiking trails, wildlife observation areas, and educational programs, making it the perfect destination to explore and learn about wetland ecosystems.

Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Stretching along the shores of the Mississippi River, the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge is a haven for wetland species and recreational enthusiasts. The refuge offers opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, boating, and hiking, with numerous access points throughout the Iowa stretch of the river.

Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area

Situated in northwestern Iowa, the Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area covers over 11,000 acres and is known for its diverse wetland and upland habitats. The area provides excellent opportunities for birdwatching, hunting, fishing, and wildlife photography.

Loess Hills State Forest

The Loess Hills State Forest in western Iowa is renowned for its unique landforms and diverse wetland habitats. Visitors can explore the forest through hiking and biking trails, marveling at the exceptional beauty of this distinct natural landscape.

Green Castle Recreation Area

Nestled in southeastern Iowa, the Green Castle Recreation Area offers a mix of wetlands, forests, and grasslands, providing a variety of habitats for wildlife. The area is a popular spot for outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, camping, and nature observation.

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