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If you’re looking to explore the rich and diverse wetlands of Missouri, we’ve got just the thing for you. Introducing “Wetlands In Missouri” – a detailed guide that provides you with all the information you need to discover and appreciate the beauty of these natural wonders. With this comprehensive resource, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the wetlands in the state, their ecological significance, and the array of wildlife that call them home. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or simply someone seeking adventure in the great outdoors, “Wetlands In Missouri” is your ultimate companion for an unforgettable exploration.

Missouri is home to several important wetland areas, each offering unique ecological and recreational opportunities. Let’s explore a few notable wetland sites in the state:

Wetland NameLocation (Town/City or Region)Wetland Type
Mingo National Wildlife RefugePuxicoBottomland hardwoods, marshes
Squaw Creek National Wildlife RefugeMound CityMarshes, oxbow lakes
Loess Bluffs National Wildlife RefugeForest CityWetlands, marshes
Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife RefugeCentral MissouriRiverine wetlands
Clarence Cannon National Wildlife RefugeAnnadaWetlands, floodplain
Otter Slough Conservation AreaDexterWetlands, sloughs
Duck Creek Conservation AreaPuxicoBottomland hardwoods, marshes
Schell-Osage Conservation AreaEl Dorado SpringsWetlands, marshes
Fountain Grove Conservation AreaMeadvilleMarshes, wet prairies
Eagle Bluffs Conservation AreaColumbiaWetlands, floodplain
Ted Shanks Conservation AreaAshburnBottomland hardwoods, marshes
Four Rivers Conservation AreaRich HillWetlands, marshes
Bob Brown Conservation AreaForest CityWetlands, marshes
Ten Mile Pond Conservation AreaCharlestonWetlands, ponds
Cooley Lake Conservation AreaExcelsior SpringsWetlands, oxbow lakes
Little Bean Marsh Conservation AreaPlatte CityWetlands, marshes
Settle’s Ford Conservation AreaGarden CityWetlands, marshes
B.K. Leach Conservation AreaElsberryWetlands, marshes
Montrose Conservation AreaMontroseWetlands, ponds
Perry Memorial Conservation AreaFayetteWetlands, ponds
Nodaway Valley Conservation AreaMound CityWetlands, marshes
Jack Jack Conservation AreaViennaWetlands, ponds
Reform Conservation AreaCalwoodWetlands, marshes
James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife AreaLee’s SummitWetlands, marshes, ponds
Marais Temps Clair Conservation AreaSt. Charles CountyWetlands, marshes

Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge

Located along the Mississippi River, the Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge encompasses over 65,000 acres of bottomland forests, marshes, and open water habitats. This refuge provides critical breeding and foraging grounds for numerous bird species, including bald eagles, great blue herons, and wood ducks. Visitors can take advantage of the refuge’s well-maintained trails, observation decks, and wildlife viewing areas to experience the awe-inspiring biodiversity of this wetland complex.

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge

Nestled in the southeastern part of the state, Mingo National Wildlife Refuge is a haven for wetland enthusiasts. With over 21,000 acres of bottomland forests, swamps, and marshes, Mingo serves as a vital stopover for migratory birds. Visitors can explore the refuge’s network of boardwalks, observation towers, and paddling trails to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wetland wildlife.

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Situated in northwest Missouri, Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge offers a diverse array of wetland habitats, attracting waterfowl, shorebirds, and other migratory species. With over 10,000 acres of marshes, swamps, and open water, this refuge provides excellent opportunities for birdwatching and nature photography. The refuge’s recently established visitor center offers educational exhibits, wildlife viewing platforms, and guided tours, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and seasoned wetland enthusiasts.

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