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If you’re an avid nature enthusiast or simply curious about the diversity of wetlands in Indiana, then “Wetlands In Indiana” is the perfect product for you. This comprehensive guide offers detailed information about all the wetlands in the state, providing you with a deeper understanding of the unique ecosystems and natural wonders they house. With “Wetlands In Indiana,” you can explore this hidden world and gain a newfound appreciation for the beauty and importance of these precious habitats. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the wetlands of Indiana!

Wetlands in Indiana

NameLocationType of Wetland
Big Oaks National Wildlife RefugeMadisonFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Muscatatuck National Wildlife RefugeSeymourFreshwater Marsh, Ponds, Lakes
Patoka River National Wildlife RefugeOakland CityBottomland Hardwoods, Marsh
Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife AreaMedaryvilleFreshwater Marsh, Sandhill
Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife AreaLintonFreshwater Marsh
Kankakee SandsMoroccoWet Prairie, Savanna
Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife AreaWinslowBottomland Hardwoods, Lakes
Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife AreaMoroccoFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Fish Lake MarshFish LakeFreshwater Marsh
Universal MineClintonFreshwater Marsh
Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife AreaMt. VernonFloodplain Forest, Lakes
Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife AreaEvansvilleFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Kingsbury Fish and Wildlife AreaLa PorteFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Fairbanks Landing Fish and Wildlife AreaFairbanksFreshwater Marsh
Glendale Fish and Wildlife AreaMontgomeryFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Crosley Fish and Wildlife AreaNorth VernonFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Splinter Ridge Fish and Wildlife AreaMadisonFreshwater Marsh
Tri-County Fish and Wildlife AreaSyracuseFreshwater Marsh, Lakes
Atterbury Fish and Wildlife AreaEdinburghFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Mississinewa LakePeruReservoir, Marsh
Salamonie LakeAndrewsReservoir, Marsh
Brookville LakeBrookvilleReservoir, Marsh
LaSalle Fish and Wildlife AreaLake VillageFreshwater Marsh, Ponds
Chain O’Lakes State ParkAlbionFreshwater Lakes
Potato Creek State ParkNorth LibertyFreshwater Marsh, Lake

Famous Wetlands in Indiana

Kankakee Marsh

Kankakee Marsh is a significant wetland in northwest Indiana. It encompasses over 44,000 acres and is considered one of the most extensive freshwater marshes in the United States. The marsh provides critical habitat for waterfowl, migratory birds, and various fish species. It has also been a focus of wetland restoration efforts, aiming to revive its ecological function and enhance its biodiversity.

Goose Pond

Goose Pond is another notable wetland in Indiana, located in Greene County. Spanning over 8,000 acres, it is one of the largest wetland complexes in the state. The wetland is known for its abundant waterfowl population, including thousands of migratory birds that make it a prime bird-watching destination. Goose Pond is also recognized for its role in flood control and as a habitat for rare and endangered species.

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is a diverse wetland habitat encompassing over 7,000 acres in southeastern Indiana. It consists of a mixture of marshes, swamps, and forested wetlands. The refuge provides essential habitat for numerous waterfowl species, as well as an array of migratory birds, amphibians, and mammals. It offers various recreational opportunities, including wildlife observation, hiking, and photography.

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